High temperature carbonization series
 Activated carbon pap
 Activated carbon cor
 Air purification materials series
 Fiber activated carb
 Honeycomb of activat
 Activated carbon non
 Corrugated activated
 The fish net net act
 Activated carbon fil
 Activated carbon san
 Copier deodorant fil
 Cellular activated c
 Bamboo charcoal clot
Other materials
Antibacterial screen pack
Smooth accelerant mesh
 Water filters filter series
 Activated carbon fil
 Activated carbon fib
 Activated carbon fib
 Activated carbon fib
 Fat activated carbon
 Engineering filter
 Efficient activated
 Engineering of activ
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Nantong Ever King Environmental Technology Co.,LTD. (former says nantong day of environmental protection equipment Co., LTD.) was established in 2007, is specialized in with "activated carbon" product mainly and new series absorption filter materials, purification of the development and production of new and high technology production enterprise.
The major products are three categories:
The first kind of: high temperature carbonization series: activated carbon cloth, active carbon fibre, active carbon felt, activated carbon paper;
The second type: air filter material series: fiber activated carbon filter, honeycomb of activated carbon filter, corrugated activated carbon filter, smooth accelerant mesh, antibacterial screen pack, activated carbon, activated carbon compound non-woven nets, activated carbon filter;
The third kind: water filter series: activated carbon filter, activated carbon paper filter, active carbon fibre filter, carbon fiber composite filter, activated carbon composite (interlining) filter

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